Student Centered Approaches

The article I read was “How Embedded Technology Is Inspiring Student-Centered Learning” it definitely sparked my curiosity. I think students are motivated by  teachers who demonstrate a willingness to learn new things and move out of their own comfort zone. I try and model my own love of learning to the students I teach.  I think it is important that students understand that I too am always learning and will also learn from them.  By being fearful of the unknown whether it be technology or any other possible barrier; there is an energy that is used up.  As the article suggested I am one who is not always comfortable with the technology that is being used.  I think it is pivotal to have good systems in place that will allow the learning to take place. Teachers and students need to be supported. Based on the article an example of this is the support systems that the teachers have access to.  There is training provided in-house with videos, and  activities  that allow the teacher to feel more comfortable in their role.  Passion and enthusiasm in any subject area is contagious. The students are engaged and excited to learn.

Having immediate feedback with assessment tools allows for early intervention. Whether it be specifically for a student that is struggling on perhaps a concept that needs to be retaught. There is less chance of someone falling through the cracks if problems are detected early.

I also like the fact that there is a standardization.  Schools with low income families have access to the same things that higher income families have.  Having taught at  a regional campus there are certain things that we don’t have access to based on location and funding alone. It is our job to teach what industry demands and because everything is constantly changing keeping up can be a challenge.  In a  profession such as dentistry where technology and material are very expensive finding the balance can be difficult. In the clinic I work in students are taught how to use radiograph software however there is not  a digital x-ray machine.  Students only become proficient once they have gone out into industry where they are using it all the time.

Having a vision of the programs goals and having current curriculum is key.  I think instructors have to have adequate skills and evaluations processes must be timely and fair.  I find this true especially where there a number instructors teaching multiple pieces of courses or clinical experiences.  Collaboration is key and when a learning environment models the setting of a real-world patient care the student benefits and identifies what they need to be successful.


3 thoughts on “Student Centered Approaches

  1. ebrownorama

    This is such a critical current topic that all educators need to be conscious of when designing learning tasks for their environments. Do you ahve examples of this pedagogy in your teaching practice?


  2. I enjoyed your review on “How Embedded Technology Is Inspiring Student-Centered Learning”. Your point about modeling a love of learning to your students was in my view very relevant. We sometimes believe that we must show a mastery of all we teach, showing our students that we are constantly learning as well is a point that resonated with me. I also agree that teachers must be supported and given time to learn and understand how to incoprorate technology into their teaching practices. I wonder what your thoughts are about how labs or classes should be designed to make them more student-centered?


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