flipping the classroom

The article I read on Flipping the Classroom; touches on different learning styles and how successful students are in certain environments.  I think specific courses/topics lend themselves to various teaching methods.  Because we all learn differently, as instructors we are not doing our jobs if we don’t try new approaches.  Even though we might not be comfortable with facilitating it, it allows us to learn from each other.  The most successful learners are the ones that take responsibility for their own learning.  By having courses more compatible with varied learning styles, students develop their own skills. They will chose resources that help them learn best and challenge them in their own learning journey. Creating an environment that supports and engages all types of learners is key. When an instructor can maximize their classroom time,  observe their learners, and provide individual support and feed back the students experience will be that much better!


2 thoughts on “flipping the classroom

  1. Nice post Heather! It was interesting that you mentioned we are not always comfortable facilitating a certain teaching method. I felt the same too and have become more comfortable flipping my classroom now that I’ve started to find it really effective. Also, about providing individual support, I do lot of short courses and there is usually no time for this. I just try to observe the students during class time and try my best to identify their learning styles.


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