Web Quest Topic / Nutritional Counseling and Oral Health Instruction

In the dental profession their is a huge emphasis placed on continuing education.  It is critical that a dental assistant stay current in skills such as CPR and infection control protocol.  With that being said I think there is also opportunity to educate our patients and lead by example. I started to research as to what type of web quest might be helpful to my students.  Nutritional counseling and oral health instruction are services that can be provided by a dental person that is licensed and working within a province.  Once a student becomes comfortable with the theory that supports this, there is opportunity for chair side conversation and demonstration.   A web quest could be used to  enhance students  learning in this area. Although this theory is taught in several different courses,  the web quest can be used as a learning tool, targeting key points including patient management.  Caries risk will be substantially reduced by using proper brushing and flossing technique. Students need to have an understanding as to how brushing frequency, regular hygiene   appointments and diet considerations are part of good oral health.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11794563.  This can also be incorporated into the nutritional counseling conversation that patients can benefit from. http://www.drcivils.com/wellness/nutritional-counseling.php  It is important that the student understand the audience  that they are teaching to.  There is an opportunity for the students  to teach their patients by engaging in conversation and using oral aids and or props to help with a chair side demonstration.  This is done in a pre-clinical  setting with the students collaborating.  Both peer and instructor evaluation is used for practical assessment. http://www.smilemakerscanada.com  When the students are beginning their learning journey there can be information overload.  By using key words, and props the student is able  to instruct their peers and eventually patients effectively. When patients understand the positive effects that optimum hygiene habits have on oral health they are more likely to practice it.


4 thoughts on “Web Quest Topic / Nutritional Counseling and Oral Health Instruction

  1. Jeremy

    Excellent post! Judging by the post you have written it sounds like you might be excited to utilize these types of strategies in your teaching methods. I find that there are many different ways that this concept can be effective in all different fields, and can be both educational and exciting for the students to complete. I use some of these projects in my welding class to help reinforce teachings and discussions about work in the trade, job opportunities, and geographical advantages and disadvantages in the job market. In the dental field I would even think that it would be possible for you to even educate clients through webquest research in order to reinforce the advice you give them as well.


    1. Thank you Jeremy for taking the time to read my post! We do use plaque aids when we are demonstrating oral health instruction. The information and instruction is invaluable to them, even if they don’t stay in the profession.


  2. I really like Jeremy’s idea of somehow using this learning tool to educate clients/patients. I’ve never been a dentist/dental assistant, obviously — but I have been a patient. Every time I go, I wind up learning a lot of preventative tips from the assistant (dentist is often too busy to chat) that I could easily explore on my own online if I could be pointed to it.

    And hey — it might be something you could do on an iPad for kids as they pass time in the chair?


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